Personalize Your Mother’s Day Gift With Your Favorite Photo

You could get Mom flowers, balloons, or even a sweater, but an Edible Gift  is soooo much better!  Edible Gifts Plus creates the most fantastic gourmet gift ideas!  Imagine an entire box of delicious Belgian chocolate dipped Oreos, all decorated with hearts, Mom’s initials, or a photo of you!  You can personalize any gift from Edible Gifts Plus however you want it.

Mom won’t believe her eyes when she opens her gift to find a beautiful frame with a picture of you inside!  But it’s not just any frame, or any picture, the entire gift is one giant, delicious cookie!  Frame, picture and all!  It looks just like the real thing only this gift is completely edible!

Check it out online:

Owner and creator Margo Rappel has been dreaming up inventive edible gift ideas for the past 20 years, and she has hundreds of raving fans to prove it!  Celebrity moms like Tori Spelling love Edible Gifts Plus!  In fact, Edible Gifts Plus will be creating customized birthday treats for Tori’s daughter’s birthday.

Margo has been the center of much sweet attention thanks to her gorgeous gourmet gift creations.  Edible Gifts Plus has been featured in magazines like Soap Opera Weekly, Woman’s World, and New York Magazine, and Margo recently made an appearance on the Ryan Seacrest radio show. 

This Mother’s Day, surprise Mom with a completely original, completely delicious, edible gift idea from everyone’s favorite source of sweet treats, Edible Gifts Plus.  

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