Cake Pops Are Here!

Cake pops, sometimes called cake balls or cakesicles, are the latest creation from Edible Gifts Plus that are quickly becoming the latest

cake pop animals

Cake Pop Animals

trend in party favors and corporate gift giving. As their name implies, cake pops are smaller pieces of cake made into a ball shape and perched on top of a traditional lollipop stick.  Instead of licking your way to the center, cake pop fans just take a moist and chewy bite into a hand decorated piece of cake.

Cake Pops For All Occasions

What makes the Edible Gifts Plus cake pops so special is that they can be hand decorated to resemble any design using any colors, toppings and decoration.  For example, the hand decorated mini cake pop animals are created using a rich and fudgy double chocolate cake recipe that is made into bite size pops, shaped and decorated into adorable animal faces.

cake pop wedding favors

Bride & Groom

The Bride and Groom cake pops are the perfect wedding party favor.  The pair of bride and groom pops are made from a rich chocolate cake recipe then each is decorated to symbolize the bride or the groom.

Cake pops are quickly replacing custom decorated lollipops as this year’s #1 party favor for a variety of events and occasions.  Corporate events are also a great setting for cake pops that are customized with a company’s logo.

Other popular cake pops include the Christmas tree mini cake pops, mini cake pop ice cream cone, and the mini cake pop smiley face.


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