Picture Cookies As Business Cards!

picture-cookie-business-cardThe creative pastry chefs behind Edible Gifts Plus are always baking up new ideas for our personalized picture cookies.

Personalized picture cookies are delicious sugar cookies that can be decorated, accessorized, or adorned with any personal image, logo, or saying for any special occasion. Picture cookies are great for baby showers, as wedding favors, for corporate functions, graduations and much more. You don’t need a card when a personalized picture cookie can include a custom message.

Picture cookies at Edible Gifts Plus are made with an all-butter sugar cookie recipe and are baked fresh and made to order. Each cookie is dipped in Belgian white chocolate and can be decorated with crème icing or sprinkles in any color. A 100% edible logo, picture, or phrase is then glazed onto the sugary treats.

Our innovative desserts include the edible business card cookie. The individually wrapped business cards are actually graham crackers dipped in white chocolate that will ensure your contacts remember you fondly. If you send Edible Gifts Plus your actual business cards, they will attach it to the back of the personalized cookie for you.

Picture cookies can be made into custom shapes. Edible Gifts Plus also offers personalized picture cookies with chocolate photo frames or you can choose a more unique look with their picture fortune cookies, biscotti, brownies, dipped Oreos and more. To see all the scrumptious personalized cookie options, visit Edible Gifts Plus.


June 26, 2012. Tags: , . Photo Picture Cookies.

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