Wedding Favor Cake Balls Are Here!

The biggest trend in wedding and party favors are cake balls!  Also known as cake pops, these bite-sized desserts are popping up at weddings across the country.

wedding favor cake ballsEdible Gifts Plus makes adorable cake balls that are the ideal wedding favor for any bride and groom.  These cake balls are dressed in their own tux and gown for the special occasion and are as fun to eat as they are to see!  The handmade bride and groom miniature cake balls are dressed by professional confectionary designers in rich, sweet icing that resembles a tuxedo and a gown. The cake balls, adorned with a stick for easy-eating, are situated atop of their own cookie plate with individual wrapping and satin ribbon.

With everything made to order, Edible Gifts Plus customers have the option to order the bride and groom separately or as an elegant pair. The bride cake balls can also make a great addition to any bridal shower or bachelorette party. Each rich fudgy double chocolate cake ball is baked with secret ingredients and sprinkled with sugar.

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Edible Gifts Plus is known for its creative and charming treats. Cake balls are popping up everywhere as a way to indulge in decadent cake in a reduced portion.

Cake balls at Edible Gifts Plus are all-handmade and can be decorated for any occasion.

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